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Meet Michael

-Life happens through you, not to you. Claim back your power.

It is natural for men to embrace their innate gift of  masculine energy and honour their inner state of homeostasis. Embodying this essence (that can be diluted through certain life experiences, influences by society and limiting beliefs we may have inhabited) can really allow us to show up more authentically, and navigate through life with more potency that will create healthier dynamics with others. As we begin to live in this state and experience higher levels of consciousness such as joy, peace and love we begin to see our outer world reflect our inner world and magnetise a path to our true calling.

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Pay it forward

A mans word is his honour. For some men (along their journey) can lose value of aligning their words with their actions. This causes an imbalance of trust and confidence for himself and others around him. Your coaching sessions are designed to help empower you to embody confidence so that you can thrive in all aspects of your life. Living authenticity and being integral to your word allows you to prosper into leading your own life.  By stepping into your power consciously, you will be the strong pillar for self and others. Ones developed embodiment can simply be the inspiration for others to start their own journey.


My goal is to guide men who seek support along their journey into deepening their embodiment into the 'Mature Masculine'. With my methods tailored to your needs, we will create a programme that allows for our collaboration to get you to your vision. To learn more please book a free consultation below.


Inner Work

Masculine Archetypes

The Realms of Man

Intersexual Dynamics

Mens Sexual Health

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